螺旋(らせん)」 (Spiral)


駆け上る 螺旋階段 トリックに

気付かずまたも 戻るは始点

I don't know trick of spiral staircase.
And I run up but return to initial point again.
Spiral staircase tricks me into an initinal point again.



恒星 (Fixed star)


恒星の 光や偉大 万物に

分け隔てなく 命を与ふ

Light of fixed star is powerful.
It equally gives the lives to everything.
Powerful light of fixed star gives equally everything live.

彼岸花 (Amaryllis)


色褪せて 終わりを告げし 彼岸花

風さへかろく 心許なし

Color of cluster amaryllis faded away.
And wind is airy and exiguous.
Cluster of amaryllis faded away
and just a airy exiguous wind's blowing.

純白 (Snow White)


純白の 薔薇稟として 香を放ち

穢(けが)さむとす 者は許さじ

Dignified snow white rose is sending forth incense
and never condones someone who wills to defile it.
Snow-white rose incenses with dignity
and never condones defiler.

幸せな日々 (Happy Days)


安らげく 互いの思ひ 語らへる

日々に在りしを 幸と呼びたし

We are talking our emotion calmly each other.
I want to call such days by the name of happiness.
I want to call such days happiness
as talking our emotion calmly each other.

誇り (Pride)


我に害 為す者あれど 真意以(も)て

積み上げし誇り 侵し得べからず

Someone gives disservice to me.
But she can't invade pride that I had heaped up.
Someone disservices me can't invade my pride
I had heeped up honestly.

暮木立 (Bosket at Nightfall)


暮れ行きて 空の色失せ 窓越しに

墨絵の如き 木立描けり

Color of sky faded away at nightfall.
I look at bosket like a picture painted
by India ink through the window.
Nightfall paints bosket with India ink on a window canvas.

夕景散歩 (Evening Walk)


夕風の 涼やかなりし 土手の道

胸の汚濁を 浄め給ひて

Evening wind on the bank of river is cool
and cleans pollution of my mind.
Evening cool wind at riverside cleanse my soils.

刃(やいば) (Razor)


言の端も 時に刃(やいば)と なりにけり

言ふは忘れも 聞くは傷負ふ

Every so often a tip of discourse becomes knife.
Saying one will forget it.
But said one receives a lesion.
Words sometimes become keen razors,
so they unwillingly give PTSD for receivers.

来し方行く末 (Past and Future)


来し方を 振り返りても 悔いはなし

行く末といふ 道を行くのみ

I review my past and have no remorse.
I will only go to the road of future.
Reviewing my past gives no remorse,
then I will walk only a road reaching to the future.

風車 (Windmill)


エコな物 在りしは心 和みゆく

夜の風車に 声無き賛歌

Ecology things set my mind at ease.
I give praise of silence to the windmill.

天命 (Luck)


力尽き 傷付き倒れ 果てるとも

永らえるとも 天に委ねむ

I may lose my energy or be bruised or fall down.
My life may stop or survive.
In either event, I entrust my luck to God.

無念 (Chagrin)


無二の愛 無償の思ひ 無残にも

霧散したりて 無念の風吹く


My one and only affection and voluntary emotion
was mercilessly dispersed.
And wind of chagrin is blowing.
Inrepracabel affection and voluntary emotion
were mercilessly dispersed,
then a wind of mortification blow.

水鏡 (Mirror of Water)


現と幻 対比させたる 水鏡

アリスの世界へ 通づる道かも

Reality and fantasy are parallel on a mirror of water.
It may be the entrance for going into the world of Alice.
Water mirror parallels reality and fantasy
may be a entrance for Alice's world.

すれ違う (Cross each other)


人と人 心と心 何故(なにゆえ)に

擦れ違ふのか 真(まこと)を以ちても

Peoples and minds cross each other with true souls.
Why people cross each other with honest hearts ?



海を見る その為のみに 走らせし

車中の空気 甘露なりけり

Lovers run a car for only looking at the sea.
Air in the car is like honeydew.
Lovers run a car only for seaseeing,
in which the air is honeydewlike

引鉄 (Trigger)


何気なく 目に留(と)めし物 我狙い

フラッシュバックの 引鉄を引く

The thing which I stopped to eyes casually
aims at me and pulls a trigger of the flashback.
Something attracts me casually pulls a trigger at flashback.

陰陽 (Yin and Yang)


陰と陽 男と女の 性(さが)なれど

補ひ合ひて 過不足なし

Yin and yang are characters of man and woman.
When they help each defect, a round situation exists.


Chinese say that female and male have principles Yin and Yong.
And if they redeem each defects a round situation will be made.

不機嫌警報発令 (Alert of Grouch)


おや?今朝は 不機嫌警報 発令中

触らぬ神に 崇りなしかな

Oh dear,
alert of grouch is being issued from him this morning.
If I don't touch at God, no curse incur to me.

傷心 (Heartbreak)


傷を抱き 嗚咽殺して 伏す我の

代わりに虫の 寒き声音か

My heart is broken and I’m crying under my voice.
Insect's voice singing instead of me is cold.

導(しるべ) (Guide Post)

*導(しるべ) 5

暗闇に 迷ひて足の 竦(すく)めども

なべて導(しるべ)は 心中に在り

Even if I lose my way in the darkness
and my foot cower,
always the guide post is in my mind.

妖精 プティ・ピンク (Fairy Petit-Pink)


木々の陰 小川の辺(ほとり) 妖精の

戯(たわむ)る姿 日の揺らめきか

Something is playing
under the shade of trees and the bank of a brook.
They may be fairies or sunlight.

安夜幸路 (Peaceful Sleep)


憂ひなき 夜の訪れて 安らげく

夢路の先も 幸溢るらむ

The night that pensiveness is nothing comes.
I can have peaceful sleep,
and my dream is overflowing with happiness.

東京タワー (Tokyo Tower)


人の世を 見守る為に 在り得べく

地を踏み天に 聳(そび)えしタワー

Tokyo Tower stands on the earth
for watching people’s life.

業(ごう) (Karma)


幾重にも 包み隠され たる真意

一重脱ぎては 一つ業(ごう)去る

The true belief is being multiply wrapped.
Each time I cast one piece off,
one karma goes away.

橋 (Bridge)


細々と 今にも切れむと する絆

支えし為の 新たなる橋 

Our narrow knot may break off at any moment.
We try to make the new bridge for sustaining it.

夕日の欠片 (A Bit of Evening Sun)


零(こぼ)れ落つ 夕日の欠片 掌に

受けて宵闇 照らしたきかな

I want to accept a bit of evening sun
and brighten up shades of night.

煌霊(こうれい)」 (Shining Soul)


研磨され 石から玉の 成るやうに

煌く霊(たま)と 為りぬべきかな

Like as a stone is burnished and becomes a bijou,
I want to get a shining soul.


Like as a bijou burnished from stone,
I want to get a shining soul.

竹華 (Flower of Bamboo)


百年に 一度咲くとか いふ竹の

華の如くに 今綻びぬ

Just now I’m blooming like the flower of bamboo
blooms once in a century.


I've just been released from suffering
as if bamboo flower blooms once in a century.

朔日(ついたち) (Calends)


朔日の 新しき空 新しき

風にて人世を 禊(みそ)ぎ賜へ

New sky and new winds at calends.
Please cleanse this world.


光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)

  • Author:光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)