豪雨 (Rain Storm)


あれ程に 乞ひたる雨の 過ぎたるは

逆の災い 憂ふこの頃

We wanted rain very much.
But it currently became excess,
and we must worry about other disaster.


I worry about disaster these days
pondering intensive rain beyond begging.


愁夏 (End of Summer)


何処へと 消えにし夏か 色褪(さ)めて

心許無き 身を風が突く

Summer colors fading out to somewhere wither away,
and winds prod my shaky body.

祝辞 (Congratulation)

*言の葉 2

「おめでとう! 幸多かれ」と 言の葉に

リボンをかけて 贈りませうか

I hope you to get many happiness.”
I want to ribbon the words and give you.


I'll give you with red ribbon
'Congratulation and Get many happy !'.

捨恋 (Forsaken Love)

*It was Right

断腸の 思ひで切り 捨てし恋

今は言ひ得む “It was right.”

I was gut-wrenching and forsook the love.
Now I can say “It was right”.


It has been a right gut-wrenching decision
that I forsook my love.

閑庭」 (Quiet Garden)


静寂を 敷き詰めし庭 風さへも

忍び足にて ただ虫の声

The garden is full of quiet.
The very winds are blowing on tiptoe.
I can hear only the songs of insects.

錨 (Anchor)


朱の錆の 日焼けの如き 老錨

一人偲ぶは 歴史の明暗 

Red rust of the old anchor is like sunscald.
It's alone and remembers
about glow and darkness of the history.

好奇心 (Curiosity)


退かず 未知へと向かふ 好奇心

若かりしかな 精神年齢 

The curiosity let me never return
and go to the unknown.
It's like young.


It may be a positive curiosity
that I look forward not backward.

深閑と・・・ (Deep Silent)


深閑と 木々は語らず 枯葉踏む

我が足取りを 見守り給ふ

Trees are deep silent
and are watching my footsteps
treading dead leaves.


Silent trees watch my steps
treading on dead leaves.

闇夜川 (Black Night River)


顧みて 嘆かわしきは 負の記憶

葬り去りたし 闇夜の川へ

In retrospect, my memories having many burdens
give a misery to me.
I want to drain them away into the river
of black night.


I want to put memory with miserable burdens
into dark river.

晴雨 (Shine or Rain)


雨降れば 潤ひ冷めし 晴れたれば

輝き熱す 地に在るものの

When rain falls,
the whole creation becomes wet and cool.
When sun shines,
they are brightly and more hot.


Whole creation will be given wet and cool from rain,
and also given bright and heat from sun.

横浜夜景 (Night in YOKOHAMA)


夏見しも 冬に仰ぐも 横浜の

ブルーライトに 心洗はる

I look at the blue light of YOKOHAMA
in summer or winter.
My soul is always cleared by it.

踊り場 (Resting-Place)


居心地の 良きかなここで 一休み

とて踊り場に 居座り続く

I found the snug resting-place.
I intended to take a short break,
but it became long time.

竹の姫 (Princess of Bamboo)


例ふべき 言(こと)なきほどに 照る月を

竹の姫とぞ 思ひけるかな

The shining moon can be compared to nothing.
I image the princess of bamboo.


Sharp cut moon shining over a forest of bamboo
may remind me of an oldest Kaguyahime story.

シャーベット (Sherbet)


暑を逃れ オーダーしたる シャーベット

食べる頃には 寒くなりけり

I escaped from the heat and ordered a sherbet.
But at the eating time I felt cold.


I feel cold where I just have ordered a sherbet
to escape heat.

立秋 (Beginning of Fall)


夜も更けて 何処より聞く 立秋の

暦通りに 鳴く虫の声

The night at the beginning of fall,
insects begin singing from somewhere
like as accord to the calendar.


Night advance in first autumn.
I hear insects singing here and there
in accordance with the calendar.



不死鳥と 見えにしオブジェ 天空に

明日に未来に 進路を示す

The art object like a phoenix shows the course
to the sky, tomorrow and future.


Phoenix like object indicates course
to tomorrow or future high up in the air.

八月十五日 (August 15)


巡り来し この八月 十五日

省み祈り 誓ひす為に

This day of August 15 comes,
for bethinking, praying and oath.


This day August 15 has come again.
We must bethink, pray, and take oath
for eternal peace.

羅針盤 (Compass)


自らの 構築したる 羅針盤

針に従ひ 進み行くべし

I must follow the pointer of compass
that constructed by myself.


Must follow the pointer of compass
I constructed myself.

花火 6 (Brief Fantasy)

*花火 6

束の間の 幻想空(くう)に 描かれて

はたと心の 立ち止まり居り

Fantasy of a moment is painted on the night midair.
It’s a real eye-opener.


A brief fantasy painted in the night air
gives me a real eyeopener.

一滴 (One Drop)


清浄な 水の一粒 それこそが

人には見得ぬ 小宇宙かな

One drop of clear water is the microcosm
that we can’t see.


Unseen microcosm lies in a drop of pure water.

今でこそ・・・ (Only Now)


今でこそ 言い得し事の 多かりし

過去の思ひも 伝へたきかな

I can say everything to my lover at only now.
I want him to know about my past.


Too many pasts I can tell you now, my honey.
Do ponder my hearts at that time.

荒野 (Wild Field)


何処(いづこ)まで 続く荒野か 何処(いづこ)へと

向かふも自在 先立つは君

How far is the wild field to?
We can go to everywhere.
Walking ahead is my partner.


Wherever in vast desert
my partner clings to me.

芳香 (Redolence)


グラッパと いふ芳香の 本日の

労苦足れりと 人にこそ告げむ

Redolence of grappa inform the people
that today's job had been amply done by them.


Flavor of grappa welcomes today's fatigue.

Happy End

*Happy End

安住の 心の置場 求めては 

流離う日々の 此処に終われり 

Wanderings that search
the cradle of my soul ended here.


Wanderlings for cradle of my soul here end.

紫光 (Purple Light)


夕景を 真一文字に 二分せる

神々しきかな 紫の光

Purple daylight that halve the scenery
of evening is celestial.


Purple daylight that halves the evening scenery is celestial.

慰霊 (Honor)


戦にて 命捧げし 御霊への

礼節以ちて 現世に尽くさむ

We must serve this world
for honor of the dead in Second World War.


We must serve this world in honor
of the supreme sacrifice
of the past barbaric wars.

夜のカフェテラス (The Cafe at Night)


これからが 大人の時間 ゴッホ作

「夜のカフェテラス」 と洒落てみる

This is time of adult.
I try to pun with a Gogh product
"Night Cafe-Terrace".


Now is the time for adult.
I affect the Gogh's 'The Cafe at Night'.

伝心 (Message)


伝えたき 思ひは思ひの 在りのまま

時置かずして 彼(か)の魂へ 

The message that I want to take someone’s
Mast be truly sent to his soul in a moment.


The message that I want to send
must warp into his soul directly.

恵み (Blessing)


雷雲の 連れ来る雨の 恵みにて

生きとし生ける もの生かされむ

Thunderclouds came here
along with the blessing of rain.
All creation can live owing to it.


Thunderclouds that bring the rainy blessing
animate the whole creation.

終花 (Last flower)


事々に 起承転結 在り得べく

末にて咲ける 花も一興

Everything have introduction, development,
denouement and conclusion.
The flower blooming at the end
is nice like other flowers.


光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)

  • Author:光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)