生命力 (Vitality)


熱光に 崩折れし人 横目にて

勝ち誇りたる 雑草強し

Human was collapsed by the hot daylight.
Strong grasses squint at them and exult.


Red hot daylight collapse human being.
Grasses squint at them exultingly.


砂丘 (Dune)


海風の 戯る砂丘 旅人の

足跡消えしも 思ひ漂ふ

Even if sea breeze plays some at dune
and blows traveler's footprint off,
his memories will be kept.

増殖 (Multiply)


切り取りし 我が半身の 母哀し

其々の自我 増殖すべし

My mother who was cut off from me is piteous.
But, we must multiply selfhoods at each.


My mother forsook by me is piteous.
But we must multiply each selfhoods.

謝意 (Thanks)


手を合わせ 陰より謝する わが夫(つま)の

高潔なりし 人格仰ぐ

I feel thank to my husband
with putting hands together
and look to his honorable character.


I thank my husband's honorable character
putting hands together in heart.

相対 (Obverse)


乞ひ乞われ 思ひ思はる ことこその

相対的な 恋愛模様

Man and woman want and love each other.
It's just relativistic rapport of love.


Male and female require and love each other.
It's a obverse relation of love.

表裏 (Tow Sided)


母の顔 見つれば胸の 苦しきも

離れ在りては その身案ずる

When I look at my mother,
many bitter experiences come back to me.
When we are disjoining, I bother about her.


My mother reminds me
various past hurts she gave to me.
Today I bother with her when she's outside.

雌花 (Woman)


素を以ちて 末の末まで 君をのみ

乞ひ待つ花と 生きて在りたし

I want to be woman who needs only my lover
with plainly for ever.

瀬を速み・・・ (Fast Stream)


瀬を速み 会ふも分かつも 波任せ

末に会はむと 天に祈りて

the stream is fast on the ford.
We commit our destiny to the waves
and pray God to reunite us at the last.

夏草 (Summer Grasses)


梅雨明けの 土は干(ひ)風の 熱すれど

逞しきかな 夏草の意気

Rain season passed.
The ground is dry and wind is hot,
but summer grasses are vitally growing.


Rainy season has passed away.
Summer grasses are growing vitally on the dry
ground over which hot wind browing.

熱帯夜」 (Hot Night)

*熱帯夜 5

体温を 超えし暑さの 冷め遣らず

浅き眠りに 切れ切れの夢

The summer heat is hotter than person's temperature
and doesn't get cool at night.
I’m sleeping lightly
and am looking at fragmentary dreams.


It's too hot and does'nt get cool down even at night.
I sleep light having a fragmentary dreams.

Blue Lights

*Blue Lights

街角の 青い外灯 これ程に

人の心を 清(すが)しくさせむ

There are the blue lights on the street.
They refresh our mind this mush.


Blue lamps at the corner refresh us so much.

Just Now

*Just Now

戻りたき 過去など何処(いずこ) にもあらず

今この時を 宝と抱(いだ)く

The past that I want to return from is nowhere.
Now, I hold this time as gem.

終止符 (The end)


その一語 夜の電話ボックスの

中で終止符 打ちて動けず

I said the last word to my lover
in the telephone booth at night.
I brought love to an end and couldn't move.


I gave a fatal word to my lover
in the night telephone booth and froze.

空模様 (Designs of Sky)


飽きぬもの 神の手による 空模様

一日たりと 同じ絵は無し

God makes designs of sky everyday.
I'm not tired of them.
They are never same as one day.


Sky that's made by God does'nt tire me
and is also never same as before.

漣(さざなみ) (Tiny Waves)


漣(さざなみ)の 一片(ひとひら)ごとに 照り返す

今日という日の 証(あかし)なるかな

The sun is going down
and flashing back to every bit of waves.
It’s the evidence of today.


Tiny wave's flake reflects sunset hue.
It's the evidence of today.

トトロ? (TOTORO?)


ドラえもん 体型なるは 最早(もはや)過去

トトロと言われ 返す言無し

I was the type like DORAEMON in the past.
Now I ‘m called TOTORO.
But I can’t retort upon it.

童心 (Innocence)


一面の 白詰草の 野に出でし

我が童心の 素足戯る

When I went to the carpet of clover
I came back to the age of a little girl
and was barelegged playing.

水夜景 (Night Water View)


吹く風の 寄する小波の 水夜景

煌き揺れむを 見ずや来ぬ人 

Lights of the town reflect
in the winds and tiny waves of sea.
But my honey doesn’t come
and look at the glister.


I look at night scape
in which blowing winds make tiny waves
and reflection of town lights on the sea is glistering.
But my honey does'nt come.

Free Swimmer

*Free Swimmer

この四肢も 五感も魂(たま)も 意のままに

在りたる自由 現(うつつ)を泳げり

I regained freedom of my body,
five senses and soul.
Now I can independently swim in this world.


I've regained my body, soul and senses
that have been under the controll of someone else.
So I finally reached the controlled world of my own.

真姿 (True Shape)


斜に見れば 歪みしものも 色を捨て

素に向き合へば 真姿を得たり

If we look at someone on the skew,
his image is warped.
If we cast away prejudices
and be accepting of him,
we can see his true shape.


If we look at someone on the skew
his image is warped.
But if we cast away prejudices
we can see his true shape.

公園 (Park)


カップルの 名所でならした 公園も

整備しすぎて 物陰もなし

That park was famous for place of lovers.
But that became overstructured.
Now there aren't so much as a shield.


Tha park that has been a favorite place for lovers
is overstructured.
So it has no past images.

亡骸 (Ashes)


迫り来る 過ぎ去りし日の 亡骸の

実体無くば 恐るに足らず

The ashes of the past approach me.
But, because they don't have entities,
aren't the degree to fear.

燃え松 (Burning Pine Tree)


今をこそ 照らす夕日に 包まれて

頬を染めつつ 誰を燃え松

The sky is shining at evening now.
The pine tree becomes bright color like burning.
May it be awaiting anyone?

人の波 (Waves of People)


童心を 捨て去り流る 人の波

溺るる者の 縋(すが)る瀬も無し 

People forgot the emotion of children's age.
And they are flowed by the waves.
Someone drowning can't find a ford for floating.

竹林 2 (Bamboo Forest 2)

*竹林 2

竹林の 僅かな隙間 一瞬の

日の射したるに 目を奪われむ

Daylight of a moment came into here
from a small gap of the bamboo forest.
I was fascinated by it.

野の花 2 (Feral Flowers)

*野の花 2

野の花は 野に在りてこそと 言ふほどに

路傍に膝を 折りて時過ぐ 

People say that feral flowers are
beautiful on the feral field.
While I was crouching for looking at them,
time was passing too.

甘い記憶 (Sweet Memories)


思い出の 零れ落つるを 惜しむらく

毎夜端(はな)から 反芻したり

I ruminate my sweet memories
from the beginning every night.
Because I never want to forget it.

一流の緑 (A Wisp of Greenness)


生くる為 のみにぞ在らむ この命

一流の緑 日に輝けり

A wisp of greenness is shining in the sunlight.
It exists only for living.

母性 (Motherhood)

*母性 2

愛極め 微笑以ちて 許すべく

女はいずれ 母性となりぬ

Women will get ultimate love, smile and forgiving soul.
They will become motherhood in any case.



光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)

  • Author:光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)