紫の木立 (Purple Trees)


紫の 野の夕空の 刻々と

移るも独り 不動の木立

Purple color of the sky at evening
is momently changing.
But only the trees are never moving.


Secret Base

*Secret Base

幼き日 誰しも作る 秘密基地

今は何処に 求めしものか

Everyone would make the secret base 
at time of small age.
Where can we get it now?

月笑ふ (Smiling Moon)


風雲の 妖しき色の 迫れども

天地の境 月は笑へり

Ominous colors of wind and cloud are coming to here.
But moon is smiling on the horizon.

還らざる物 (No Return)


赤茶けた 不法投棄の ドラム缶

悼むが如く 野花は咲けり

Flowers in the field are blooming like
that mourning for a fly-tipped rusty drum.

残照 (After glow)


照らさるる ことこそ生(せい)の 根源と

思ひつ沈む 日を見送らむ

Sunlight is just the source of living.
I look after the sunset as thinking so.

シルエット (Silhouettes)


夕映えの 中に佇む シルエット

生きて在りたる 人の姿よ

Silhouettes of living people
are standing up in the afterglow.

軌跡 (Traces)


時を経て 時を刻みて 時は逝く

今は昔の 軌跡残して

Time can't stay.
Old traces only exist at now.

夕景 (Evening Scenery)


夕景の セピアな風に 思い出の

沸々と湧き さわさわと舞ふ

In the sepia wind of the evening scenery,
my memories bubble and hover.

創造 (Creation)


想像は 果て無き空を 駆け巡り

やがて一つの 創造を生む

Fancy roams over the unmeasured heavens.
With time it will produce a creation.



Image Maker 「希望」

夢絵路空間 「躁鬱グラフ」

爪跡 (Nail Trace)


春眠の 長らふ候よ 人知れず

爪跡白き 有明の月

Everyone is sleepy for spring morning.
No one knows that moon's nail marks
slender white trace on dawn.

雫 (Waterdrop)


一粒の 雫は玉と なりて在り

煌き放ち 泡沫に消ゆ

A waterdrop becomes a pearl,
Glistens and falls down like a blink.

夜の街」 (Night Town)


文明を 嘆きながらも 文明の

恩恵得たる 二律背反

Even if we deplore civilization,
we get the blessing of civilization.
It’s antinomy.

花散る宵 (Falling Flower’s Evening)


咲くを待ち 盛りを愛でて 去り逝くも

寂しき色に 更に魅かれむ

We wait the time when flowers open,
and enjoy the full bloom.
Also falling flowers charm us with off color.

雑草 (Weed)


雑草と 呼ばれし花にも 名はありて

毅然として 路傍に立てり

Flowers called weed have name.
And they are standing
at dead set by the road side.


Even roadsie flowers standing buff
have their own names.

竹林 (Canebrake)


何事か 囁(ささや)き合ひて 竹林の

翳(かげ)りの中に 潜みし木霊(こだま)

Echoes hide in shade of canebrake,
and whisper something each other.

追憶 (Recollection)


来し方の 霞の中より 出でし君

呼びかけむとす 名さへ忘却

I recollect a man in the haze of past.
I try to call to him.
But I don't remember so much as his name.


Image Maker 更新致しましたぁ~
「Black Hole」

景観 (Scenery)


美しき 景色も今や 人工の

物にて溢る 愚かしき様

Now man-made things overflow
into the good-looking scenery.
It’s brainless aspect.

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親愛 (Dear Friend)

*写真 012

いるだけで 癒してくれる つぶらな目

信じるということ 犬から学ぶ

My dog assuages me by only his eyes.
I learn believing from him.

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Image Maker 「眩暈」
夢絵路空間 「五月の空」



生くる術 住まふ工夫を 先人の

知恵捨て去りて 無秩序を得む

We broke off how to live of the elders.
And we got the chaos.

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<B型観察記>野点(のだて) (Tea Ceremony)


久々に 茶会の主(あるじ) 務めむと

袴の紐に 悪戦苦闘 

My husband must act the host
of tea ceremony after long blank.
He struggles with a webbing of Hakama.

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釣り人 (Fisherman)


無心にて 釣り糸垂れし 人ひとり

波の寄するを 数えて待てり

A man is innocent and lowers a fishing line.
He waits over counting waves.

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森の妖精 (Fairies in Forest)


妖精に 呼ばれ少女は 森の中

両手に花を 抱えて帰る

A girl was beckoned by fairies and went into the forest.
She will come back with flowers of both hands.


Fairies beckon a girl into the forest.
And she comes back
with any amount of flowers on her both hands.

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リフレイン (Refrains)


夕焼けに 染まりし波は エンドレス

人それぞれの リフレイン載せて

Glowing waves are endless with
refrains of each people.

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コンテナ (Container)


パンドラの 箱にも見ゆる コンテナの

中に希望よ 在れと祈らむ

Container looks like Pandora’s box.
I wish the hope is in it.

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落日 (Sunset)


落日の 燃ゆるを見れば 愛と哀

重なり合ひて 胸に溢るる

When I look at the light of sunset,
love and melancholy overlap.
And my mind is flooded with them.


Looking up the glowing sunset,
love and melancholy flood me simultaneously.

街角のアート (the artistic town)


ハイカラと 呼びたし街に アートあり

波の音さへ 聞こへる風情

I want to call the artistic town “HAIKARA”.
Feeling like to hear the sound of sea is there.


光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)

  • Author:光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)