道程 (On the long road)


人生(い)くる 長き道程(みちのり) 時々に

沈む淵あり 浮かぶ瀬もあり

Sometimes on the long road that people live,
there is the depth sunk, there is the ford floated too.


People live.
Sometimes on their long road
there's the pools they sink down
or the leaps they float up themselves.


チャットルーム (Chat room)


外は雨 チャット入れば 人集ひ

語らひ合えば 晴れたる気分

It is raining on the outside.
When I enter in the chat room,
Several people gather.
We talk each other
and our minds can become bright.


It's raining outside.
When I enter the chat room people gather.
We talk each other and become bright temper.


It's raining outside.
When I enter the chat room people gather.
Talking each other, we become bright temper.

涙雨 (Rain of tears)


哀しみを 集めて空に 浮かべしも

涙飽和(ほうわ)し 雨と絞らる

Even if I gather sadness and float it to the sky,
it is saturated with tear and is squeezed as rain.


When I gather sadnesses and float them in the sky,
they are saturated with tears and squeezed into the rain.

人在りき (Friends)


人在りき 我が魂に 寄り添ひて

There are people.
They converse with me and comfort each other.
I have such friends.


People exist, clinging to my soul.
They converse with me and comfort each other.

病院の窓 2 (Window of the hospital)


朝の日は 何処(いずこ)より出づ 病院の

窓より見ゆる 空は限りて

Where is the sun rising from?
The sky looking from the hospital window is limited.


I don't know where the sunrise come from,
cause the sky from window of the hospital is limited.

夏木立 2


夏木立 涼しき風の 吹く如く
我を包むは 君の微笑み

Summer grove.
Like a cool wind blows,
the thing enfolding me is your smile.


Summer grove.
Like a cool wind blows, your smile enfolds me.

裏腹な涙 (Opposite tears)


母の背に つと涙する 老い姿

面と向ひて 労(いた)われぬものを 

Tears drop when I look at my mother's back
that is old years already.
But face to face, I can't contact tenderly to her.


Tears drop down abruptly
when I look at my mother's old back.
But I can't favor her when we are together.

翳(かげ) (Shadow)


透析を 受くる人々 翳(かげ)射して

背負いしものの 重さを語る

The people who undergo dialysis are inside of shadow,
and talk heaviness of the thing they have.


People who undergo dialysis are inside the shadow
that talks heaviness they receive.

時流 (Flowing time)


尽きぬもの 煩(わずら)わしきは 物思ひ
時の流れに 浮きつ沈みつ 

Endless to the onerous musings.
Inside of the flowing time
they are either floating or sinking.


Endless and onerous musings.
They are either floating or sinking
inside the flowing time.

夫の心 (Mind of my husband)


我が夫(つま)の 生さぬ仲なる 我が母に

尽くしたる様 血よりも濃し

The mind of my husband
who serves his stepmother(my mother)
is deep than my blood.


The aspect of my husband who serves his stepmother,
I mean my related mother, is more faithful than me.

夜 (The night)


憂き雲も 佇(たたず)む夜も 人の気も

留まり居るを 天は許さじ

Dismal cloud and staying night and people's mind,
The sky never forgive their stagnation.


Dismal cloud, staying night and a feel of people.
The sky never forgives their stagnations.

滝川 (Cascade)


滝川の 下りていつしか ゆるゆると

残る月日を 君と過ごさむ

The cascade flows down
and becomes slow flow by and by.
Alike I want to live slowly
with you in the remained time.


The cascade flows down and becomes slowly sometimes.
I want to spent our remained time also.

帳(とばり) (Curtain)


帳(とばり)越し お茶に誘ひし 人あれど

苦しき衣 纏(まと)ひて動けず

There is a man who invites me
to a tea outside of the curtain,
But I can't move
because I'm in miserable plight.


There's a man who invites me
to a tea through the curtain,
but I can't move
cause I'm in a miserable plight.

蝉 (Insect)


静寂を 破りて蝉の 羽音立ち

常なる朝の 訪れを告ぐ

The noise of insect's wings
broke the silence and upflied.
It informed me that usual morning comes.


The insect's wings broke the silence of usual morning
and informed me tha visited, blowing.

ボーダーレス (Bordarless)


人の世に 基(もと)より上下の 無きことを

知らぬがままに 生くる愚かさ

There's no high or low degree in this life at source,
so every one who keep it unknown is foolish.

肥満花 (Obese flower)


医師からの メタボ寸前 警告を

脳裏に貼り付け 菓子パンを食(は)む

My doctor cautioned me
against my brink of metabolic syndrome,
but I stick it on behind of my brain
and eat sugary cakes.

天の恵み (Blessing from sky)


晴れやかに 開けし天の 一粒の

恵みを君に 給わむと願ふ

I wish
that one piece of blessing from the radiant open sky
is given for you.

活け花 (Arranged flowers)


久々に 花を活けにし 指先に

灯(とも)れる命 瑞々(みずみず)しかな

When I arranged flowers after a long time,
the burning life on my fingertips was very fresh.

彷徨う心 (Roving mind)


現世(うつしよ)を 離れし母は 何処へと

彷徨ふものか 我を忘れて

My mother is far loose from the society
and forgot herself.
Where is her mind roving in?

雑草 (Grasses and Flowers)


容赦なく 雨に叩かる 草花の

毅然と立てる 庭を眺むる

Grasses and flowers are knocked severely
by the rain.
But they make a dead set at standing.
I'm looking at such the garden.

月の衣 (Costume of the moon)


朧(おぼろ)なる 月の仮衣(かりぎぬ) 身に纏(まと)ひ
病める枕の 君訪ねたし 

I want to visit you on a sick pillow,
wrapping diaphanous costume of the moon.



道半ば (Half of the life)


人恋し 年頃なるか 人生の

半ばに立ちて 道を眺(なが)むる

I'm in the age wanting someone to meet.
I'm standing at half of my life.
And I look over the road.

壊れたハート (Broken heart)


赤き血の 流れ出づるは 見えねども

君の心に 深き傷あり

While I can't see the red blood flowing out
there's the deep wound in your mind.

夏来(きた)る (Summer has come)


草も木も 空、雲、風も すでに夏
わが意に反し この身も心も

Grasses, trees, sky, cloud and wind
are already in summertime.
Contrary to my intent, I'm in the same time.



この私 賞味期限も あと僅か

焦りに焦れど ただ焦るのみ

This my use-by date is only a little time.
I hurry and hurry,
but I can do nothing other than hurrying.

同胞 (Friend)


人の世を 生くるは辛き ものなれど

癒し合ひたる 友を得て生く

The life in society is hard.
But we live cause we can find friends
who relieve at each other.

喫煙室 (Smoking room)


喫煙者 集えば愚痴の 数々を

煙とともに 吐き出したり

When they gather,
they exhale many gripes together with smoke.

アクセス (Access)


ネットより 絶えにし友の 消息を
待ち侘び遂に アクセス来たる

I was awaiting the news from my friend
who disappeared from the Net.
Ultimately his access comes to me.

死線 (Deadline)


命尽き 死線を越えし その刹那

人は何をか 思ひ巡らむ

The life is end,
at the moment that pass the deadline
what will the people imagine?


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道半ば 2 (Half of life)


人集ひ 人また去りて いつの日か

再び会わむ 旅路の末に

People come and gather and go away too.
We may meet some day again at the future in our orbit.




光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)

  • Author:光畑昌子(Masako Mitsuhata)